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"The care and safety of the pets

we work with is our passion.

Helping groomers thrive is our dream."

International Professional Groomers...

IPG educates and certifies groomers for the safety of the pets in our care, while increasing and acknowledging our groomers skills to elevate the grooming profession.   There are IPG certified groomers in 32 countries and counting!

IPG has 3 tracks of Certification.

Each Track has a stand-alone certification you earn.  The completion of each track helps your success in the next track

TRACK 1:   Safety Certification in 3 Styles-

CPP & CPG available in Spanish

Certified Professional Groomer (CPG)  Safety certification for Groomers, who will do a bath and dry and clippered pet trim on any breed.

Certified Cat Groomer (CCG) safety certification for Cat Groomers, who will do a bath and dry on a cat.

Certified Pet Professional (CPP) safety certification for Bathers, Salon or Day Care Staff.

TRACK 2:  Advanced Professional Groomer (APG)

Advancing groomers use advanced grooming skills to demonstrate shape, style and symmetry and groom a toy breed and a double coated breed.

Advanced Cat Groomer (ACG) more cat behavior and working with special needs cats, and includes one groom.

TRACK 3: International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG)

Advanced Breed Profile grooming with 5 modules: Masters written test (to become MC--Masters Candidate), then Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terriers and Mixed Breeds.

Certified Master Cat Groomer (CMCG)  covers cat breeds and their special needs and demonstrating advanced cat grooming skills.

IPG APPROVED SALON For salons with certified staff, meeting criteria for safety and sanitation, and following PPGSA standards


For schools meeting criteria for Safety Approved Salon with curriculum, certified Instructors, and Graduation goals.

Approved Schools offer CPG certification to their students. 

CPG or CCG Safety Certification

flex pay special  includes membership through December, 2022.  price $395.00

Track 1 Certification with 2 payments. Start today and pay second payment of $200.00 in 6 weeks. Available in the USA only.


ICMG Resource Manual

FREE to ICMG Members in Good Standing

offer good April only

ICMG Resource Manual ICMG members in the USA pay shipping only
ICMG resource manual--IPG ICMG members in Canada, New Zealand, Australia pay shipping only

Grooming Chart

15 coat types chart by Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins. Free shipping to USA